piccolo bday 2013 header

4300 Bryant Ave. S Minneapolis, MN | www.piccolompls.com

This past June marked the passing of my birthday. With the day approaching I began to contemplate the options for a celebratory dinner – Should I go to a new restaurant in town to experience something different, or should I go to a familiar establishment? After a few days of thought I decided on a middle ground. Chef Flicker of Piccolo had graciously agreed to create a special, one-off birthday menu for me. This would be an opportunity to experience something unique in a familiar setting, at the hands of one of my favorite chefs in the Twin Cities.

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Vintage Cave

 July 7, 2013

vintage cave header

1450 Ala Moana Blvd Honolulu, HI | www.vintagecave.com

A trip that I look forward to each year – one that I will always try to make while I live here in Minnesota – is a visit back home to Hawaii. Local food, white sand beaches, warm weather, and family are all highlights of these journeys. But as much as I enjoy eating all of the familiar local cuisine that is hard to come by in Minneapolis, on this most recent visit one meal in particular would serve as the height of my gastronomic experiences: Dinner at Vintage Cave.

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 April 1, 2013

5955 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles, CA | www.providencela.com

Asking around among friends and contacts about fine dining options in Los Angeles unanimously led me to Providence. Described to me by some as the “Le Bernardin of the west coast”, I was assured by all that within Providence I would find a tantalizing journey of seafood from the skillful palate of Chef Michael Cimarusti. Although Providence would be the last fine dining stop in my recent trip out west, it was undoubtedly the meal I was looking forward to most.

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Le Bernardin

 March 27, 2013

155 W 51st St. New York, NY | www.le-bernardin.com

A brightly lit table was the stage for the most anticipated meal of my recent visit to NYC. The dinner to come beamed with promise of an exploration of the sea, providing insight into Chef Eric Ripert’s mastery of seafood. As the minutes leading up to dinner dwindled, my anticipation mounted. This would be just my second 3-star Michelin experience, one that would certainly fall into comparison against last year’s visit to Alinea.

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Peter Luger Steak House

 March 6, 2013

178 Broadway Brooklyn, NY | www.peterluger.com

With over 2,100 restaurants in just the Zagat guide alone, visitors to the Big Apple have no shortage of places to dine. In a city as quintessentially American as NYC, you’re certain to find even stiffer competition and even stronger opinions around eateries focusing on American classics. As saturated as the dining scene is, when asking around town for recommendations on where to have the best steak, it seems many people are in agreement – You’ll find New York’s best steak in Brooklyn at Peter Luger Steak House.

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