Cream Pot

 May 26, 2011

444 Niu St Honolulu, HI 96815   

This popular and unique little breakfast/brunch spot is located right off of Ala Wai Blvd in the Hawaii Monarch Hotel. On the outside it looks like just another little corner Waikiki hotel restaurant. The Hawaii Monarch Hotel is quite dated, which is evident as you walk through the lobby to from the parking lot to Cream Pot. But once you step inside the restaurant you’re taken away from the dated decor of old Waikiki to something unique. The inside of the restaurant has a very cozy, indoor European cafe feel to it. The morning sun coming in through the main windows gives the restaurant a warm feel.

The menu here is sort of a French and Japanese hybrid take on breakfast. There are crepes (savory and sweet), waffles, rolled omelets, baked eggs, and variations of eggs benedict. Cream Pot also offers a few “brunch sets” that have a main entree plus a crepe for those who want to try different flavors. We took a look at the menu for a few minutes and placed our order.

Decor inside the restaurant – A bright, cozy, and warm assortment of tables and decorations. The sun is especially nice during the mid morning hours.

Salmon Benedict – Vodka cured salmon, caramelized onions, Lacy potato cakes, soft poached eggs & Mornay sauce.

Kahuku Banana Crepes – Filled with vanilla cream custard & topped with caramel sauce.

Baked Eggs w/ Shrimp – Two soft baked eggs with shrimp, spinach, bechamel sauce & toasted baguettes.

Definitely not your typical breakfast fare here in the islands! I’ve never seen eggs prepared baked in a bowl over a bed of other ingredients before. The baked eggs had fully cooked whites with very soft, runny yolks. Dipping into the yolks with the toasted baguettes and scooping up portions of the bechamel sauce underneath was delicious. The sauce was creamy and flavorful. I like the pairing of the spinach in the dish but the shrimp was a little unusual for me. I think that the dish would have benefited from having a saltier protein within like ham or sausage. Despite the minor issue with the protein, I did enjoy the dish and found it be a tasty departure from my normal breakfast.

The salmon benedict is definitely not the breakfast food you’ve grown up with. I thought the salmon was just OK, at times a bit fishy but overall I’d say the dish was good. The soft poached eggs were perfectly cooked, allowing the runny yolk to cover the other components. The Lacy potato cakes were good, perhaps a little more salt would have made them better. Overall a very interesting take on eggs benedict.

The Kahuku Banana crepes were excellent! Very light and fluffy with the perfect amount of sweetness. The vanilla cream custard inside the crepes had a great consistency and delivered just enough richness to the overall dish. The caramel sauce on the plate could have been a bit stronger, but it did lend a sweet and savory element to the overall flavor profile which was welcomed.

While there were a few things here and there that I thought could be done differently, overall the food is well executed. Service is friendly and came to check up on us often. The restaurant’s decor adds to the experience. I would say that I was pleased with our visit to Cream Pot, and would consider having brunch there again in the future.

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