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 January 11, 2012

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Having lived in the Twin Cities for almost half a year now, my wife and I have not really ventured to try many restaurants in the area near her school. Most of the popular dining spots in St. Paul seem to be south of the university, but we decided it might be time to try something different. After finishing up for the day we went to check out a locally owned Italian restaurant in Roseville: Chianti Grill.

Chianti Grill is a nicely appointed restaurant with an abundance of booth seating. Upon entering the restaurant you’re greeted by the warm tones of the restaurant’s decor. From hostess to waiter the staff at Chianti Grill all seem very friendly and attentive. After a short review of the menu we placed our order and soon after our food began to arrive.

Stuffed mushroom caps – As an appetizer our server recommended these mushrooms, filled with Italian sausage cooked with onions, mushrooms, and spices.

Veal parmigiana – A staple of Italian restaurant menu’s, this version features a generous portion of breaded veal. The plate was quite filling!

Lobster ravioli – This popular Chianti Grill presents jumbo pasta pillows with sautéed lobster, asparagus and fresh tomato in a light brandy cream sauce.

There is no doubting that the portion sizes at Chianti Grill are generous. Even for a hungry diner like myself (I hadn’t really had anything to eat all day), the entree portions were more than enough to fill me up. The food was all well prepared, with overall decent to good taste. As an overall dining experience Chianti Grill delivers a fine experience in all areas of ambiance, food, and service.

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  • Marianne

    I have been to Chiant many many times. My MIL lives in Arden Hills so we ate there quite a bit. I also like D’Amico’s – have you eaten there? Nice post!