Sweet E’s Cafe

 March 24, 2012

1016 Kapahulu Ave Honolulu, HI

Last week I was able to do something that I have been looking forward to for the past 8 months: Visit home! I flew back into Hawaii for just a few days to visit with family. During my short stay I made sure to stop by a few of the “usual suspects” for local eats, but also made time to visit a few new spots. My last breakfast during my visit was at Sweet E’s Cafe, a new breakfast spot off of Kapahulu Avenue. Although only a few months old, Sweet E’s has gained a lot of popularity very quickly!

Arriving just before opening time, we found ourselves one of two parties waiting to get in early (sadly no reservations here). The place was completely packed by the time we started receiving our food! The interior of Sweet E’s Cafe is very bright and inviting, especially with the morning sun coming in through the windows. The menu has a good selection of breakfast fare. We opted to get a few items from different categories to sample as much of the menu as possible.

Epic Breakfast Burrito – Flour tortilla, eggs, onions, peppers, potatoes, cheddar cheese

The use of the word “epic” in this burrito’s description on the menu is fairly appropriate given its size. The large flour tortilla is packed full of eggs, cheese, and potatoes. While fairly large, I did feel that the burrito was a little light on the primary protein, corned beef. However, the corned beef is obviously fresh and the overall flavor was nice.

Kalua Pig Omelette – Kalua pig, scallions, onoin, ham, tomatoes, Monterey Jack

Another well portioned plate, the kalua pig omelette was decidedly less skinny on the protein than the burrito. Filled with a nice amount of kalua pork, the omelette seemed simple yet well executed. The fried rice on the side was tasty, with what seemed like a hint of bacon in the mix (although I could be wrong) .

Corned Beef Hash Eggs Benedict – Homemade corned beef hash, poached eggs, Hollandaise sauce, herb roasted potatoes

A striking plate of corned beef eggs benedict, this was my most anticipated dish. Two perfectly cooked eggs sit atop portions of corned beef hash and English muffins, all topped with a rich Hollandaise sauce. The golden egg yolks poured out into the dish as I cut into them! Although just a tad sweeter than I’d prefer, the Hollandaise sauce had good flavor and went well against the saltiness of the corned beef.

Enchanting French Toast – Sweet bread, powdered sugar, stuffed with blueberries & cream cheese

French toast at Sweet E’s can be prepared in the conventional manner, or stuffed with a mixture of cream cheese and fruit. We decided on the more decadent of the two preparations. The French toast is prepared well, with a slight crust on the outer edges and soft sweet bread within. The combination of syrup, powdered sugar, and cream cheese created a very sweet and rich breakfast treat.


All-in-all I was satisfied with my visit to this new establishment. I suspect that I’ll be back again some day for the French toast and eggs benedict. At Sweet E’s Cafe you can expect to get a nice breakfast in a pleasant setting without a lot of fluff and without the hassle of heading to Waikiki (where this type of breakfast would normally be found in Hawaii). I think that this is a welcomed addition to the dining scene in the Kaimuki/Kapahulu area, and expect that the restaurant may continue to improve as it matures.

Sweet E’s Cafe
1016 Kapahulu Ave Ste 185
Honolulu, HI 96816

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